Pyrenees Tour

«Pyrenees Tour» is a tour with huge riding that will make your mouth water. A menu with six stages of «pure enjoyment» winding between peaks and valleys and devouring the most succulent mountain passes.

The thousand-year-old lands of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre, France and Andorra offer you their tastiest ingredients. Optional tour with motorbike rental

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Tour of the Castles (Catalonia)

Tour of the Castles (Catalonia)

Catalonia is a region full of History and the remainings of the castles of spanish Middle Age. You can discover our glorious past walking around the fortificationaes border land of medieval castles, discover the past walking through the medieval and classic contours that hide behind the Catalan medieval forts.

El Bergueda / Serra del Cadi (Catalonia)

El Bergueda / Serra del Cadi (Catalonia)

Tours offroad motorcycle dual sport with the landscape of the mythical mountain of Pedraforca and the Sierra del Cadi

For nature enthusiasts there is the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park (the largest of its kind in Catalonia), the mountain of Pedraforca and other protected nature parks that enable you to get close to nature, either on your own or with a specialist guide. For those who prefer culture, the area has a great many historical treasures and there are museums to help you get to know about the development of Alt Berguedà, from its beginnings right up to our times: Sant Quirze de Pedret or the Mine Museum in Cercs are just two examples of the culture and heritage to be found here. 


Pirineos Tour

Tour por los Pirineos, un viaje que te hará la boca agua con seis etapas de «puro divertimento» zigzagueando entre cimas y valles y devorando los puertos más exigentes.

Las tierras milenarias de Catalunya, Aragón, Navarra, Francia y Andorra te ofrecen sus más sabrosos ingredientes.

The Smuggler’s Tour (Andorra / Catalonia)

The Smuggler’s Tour (Andorra / Catalonia)

Classic offroad loop tour starting and finishing in Andorra across high mountain different tracks of stunning beauty formerly used to smuggle goods from one country to the other one.

Tours offroad by Central Catalonia

Tours offroad by Central Catalonia

Day tours for a very scenic territory in the heart of Catalonia walking the forest trails and small roads in the province of Barcelona enjoy great scenery, culture, good food and nice people.These tours level adapts to the level of the pilot, motorcycle and climate.We have several routes for different days.

Dam’s Tour (Catalonia / Aragón)

Off-road tour planned for trail motorcycles combining secondary roads and trails around the beautiful natural scenery of the dams of Noguera region in the Pyrenaic area.

The water running through the Montsec draws a path – sometimes blue, sometimes green – that seduces visitors with its spectacular magnitude and the scenic wealth changing year by year. On its passage through the range, it lies in the form of reservoirs, giving visitors a sensation of peace and tranquillity only comparable with their impressive surroundings, and invites you to enjoy the peaceful waters with all kinds of activities. 

Enjoy both of their paths of all kinds and their lonely roads.

Route wine and oil

 Route wine and oil (Lleida/Tarragona)

 One of the most valuable culinary products produced in the country is the olive oil. In Lleida is produced one of the best in the world. Its production is concentrated in the region of Les Garrigues, L’Urgell and the Segrià. To learn the secrets of making the product and the environment in which it is produced, there is the so-called Route of Oil.On the other hand we have the Wine Route Lleida and Tarragona is a walk in the cuisine, culture and geography seen through its warehouses. A wine tour in the traditional wines or new invoice drawn a landscape where past, present and future meet.

Cistercian Tour

Catalonia (Lleida/Tarragona)

 What is la Cistercian Tour

 The Cistercian Tour  identifies a particular region consisting on the counties of Alt Camp,Conca de Barberà and Urgell and its 65 municipalities. Its name comes from their artistic and cultural heritage.  Each of these counties has a Cistercian monastery: Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges.  The three Cistercian monasteries are the main point of interest of the Cistercian Route but the brand goes beyond the monasteries, their monumentality and sobriety, to discover traditions, beautiful landscapes ….

Also the three monasteries, the visitor can discover a land rich in culture, heritage, nature,wine and champagne, celebrations and traditions, crafts ..


Ruta del vino y aceite

 Cataluña (Lleida / Tarragona)

 Uno de los productos gastronómicos más valiosos que produce el país es el aceite de oliva. En Lleida se produce uno de los mejores del mundo. Su producción se concentra en las comarcas de Les Garrigues, L’Urgell y El Segrià. Para poder conocer los secretos de elaboración del producto y el entorno en el cual se produce, existe la llamada Ruta del Aceite, donde se recorren estas comarcas aceituneras.

Por otro lado tenemos La Ruta del Vino de Lleida y Tarragona es un paseo por la gastronomía, la cultura y la geografía vistas a través de sus bodegas. Un viaje enológico en que los vinos tradicionales o de nueva factura dibujan un paisaje donde pasado, presente y futuro se juntan.